football coach course in Estepona

Training soccer players is not limited solely to their performance on the field. The footballer of the future will have academic training that allows him to exploit what he learns on the pitch. And the facilities are a fundamental part of the transition from cadet to professional footballer.

With the aim of also educating the Academy players, Primarelli Sports has a collaboration agreement with the educational entity Edufy located in Estepona, where they will be able to obtain specific training aimed at becoming future soccer coaches.

Within the training offer are the following levels:

Initial Football Cycle (Level I):

It allows technicians to exercise their activity in the field of sports initiation. He will always act within a public or private body related to the practice of Soccer. It will guarantee the safety of the players and may apply First Aid training if necessary.

Football Cycle (Level II):

It accredits its holder sufficient knowledge and professional skills to assume their responsibilities independently or within a public body or private company. This last technician will exercise his activity in the field of teaching and training of Soccer.

The different types of entities or companies where they can develop their functions are:

  • Schools and sports Initiation centers
  • Sports clubs and associations
  • Sports federations
  • Sports boards
  • Sports service companies
  • Schools (extracurricular activities)


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