The academy seeks to lay the basis of an international project located in southern Spain, receiving international influences given the great reception of foreign public in the area and the proximity to the African continent.

The main intention of the academy is to offer high-performance training to players interested in developing in the world of soccer, providing them with the necessary tools to help them grow in the sport.

BenefiTS OF Primarelli Sports Academy

our goal

The objective of Primarelli Sports Academy is to train players who can develop professionally in the soccer market, providing them with the necessary tools to achieve this both on and off the field: with training methods adapted to the requirements of today’s soccer and with experienced professionals who get the kids to maximize their skills.


To achieve this goal, Primarelli Sports Academy works with national professional teams so that their scouts can study our students during their stay in the program or during their participation in events outside the academy.

first level housing

The player will have accommodation during his stay at the Academy where he will combine his sporting life with the social part, sharing good times with the rest of the members of the program. For this, Primarelli Sports Academy will offer high quality accommodation for players to rest and feel comfortable in their leisure and relaxation time.


  • You will become part of a professional soccer team like CD Estepona.
  • You will play matches against other Spanish and local professional teams.
  • Being part of the “Partnership Program” together with teams such as Malaga CF or FC Barcelona, you will be observed by top level scouts.
    UEFA PRO coaches will accompany you in your training.
  • Parallel training as a coach up to UEFA PRO level.

academic training

  • Through soccer, the members of the academy will learn Spanish in the most practical and fun way possible.
  • Opportunity to obtain training in methodologies and exercises adapted to Spanish and European soccer.
    Players will be able to combine the high performance program with their own studies or jobs.


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primarelli sports academy es la mejor academia de fútbol de alto rendimiento en plena Costa de Sol, España. Ofrecemos un programa adaptado con el que tendrás la posibilidad de entrar en la liga más importante del mundo.

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